Our people

Bayview Professionals

Bayview Asset Management was established in 1998 and acquired the majority ownership of the company from RS Investment through a management buyout in 2002. In 2007, the company name was changed its company name to Bayview Asset Management Co., Ltd., and the foundation of a full-fledged independent multi-boutique house.

Currently, we are at the growth stage to build an impregnable castle to lead asset management industry in Japan by maximizing our attractive business foundation including client base, products, staff and strong balance sheet.

Company Building from foundation
Human resource is a castle and stone walls for our company


In order to maintain the asset management business for long-term and to grow for next decade, we are expanding the number of employees with well-diversified composition. Approximately 40% of employees are under 34 years old and about 50 % of them are women. We commenced recruiting new graduate since 2011 and have a comprehensive training program to develop and nurture talent. Our human resource strategy is unique in Japan’s asset management industry which is dominated by large financial institutions seconding employees from affiliates or parent companies.

To maintain high-quality investment management service, we have built an environment that attracts and retains talented professionals. At the same time, BVAM believes that there is an optimal size so employees can fully share in the corporate philosophy.

Five Disciplines


To execute the business to perfection based on the three corporate principals, including Specialty, Quality Services, and Partnership. All officers and employees are expected to observe thoroughly, the five key principles of Bayview professionalism; 1) Creativity, 2) Responsibility, 3) Sincerity, 4) Teamwork, and 5) Performance. These five principles also serve as the basis for the employee evaluation. With this orientation, BVAM has maintained its original corporate culture, supported the best platform for fund managers' performance, and provided supreme client services.

Human Resource Development Policy

As an independent boutique house prioritizing excellence, the quality of each individual at BVAM is of immense importance. However, it is a Herculean task to ensure that our prospective employees are able to comprehend and live our five principles, as well as blend in well into our culture. This is especially so given that we traditionally have not hired new graduates, but rather experienced personnel who bring in with them their own value systems and points of view. This may prove an obstacle to adapting to our firm's culture, which greatly values entrepreneurial instinct.

We appeal to prospective staff to be of the spirit that, even though BVAM is small in size, the work stage is immense and that one should work with creativity and freedom bound by rational limits, taking each challenge as an opportunity for personal growth. Understanding the concept of "Ask not what your company can do for you, but ask what you can do for your company" is essential as well in our company which is an unusual venture company in the financial industry.

This has been BVAM's approach towards developing steadfast talent since its establishment.

The above information is as of October 1, 2017.